Genus Pyrrhura

Genus Pyrrhura
Pyrrhura molinae

Genus Pyrrhura is a group of about 25 different species of parakeet (or conure; new world parakeets) native to Central and South America. They inhabit tropical and subtropical regions and typically prefer humid forest. Although Blaze-Winged Conure live in deciduous forest and Pfrimer’s Conure are restricted to dry regions.

Most species form flocks of 20 to 30 garrulous individuals that fly swiftly at or below the canopy level. Pairs nest in tree cavities in order to best allude predators.

The genus ranges from 22 to 30 cm in length and have long pointed tails. In terms of coloration, they have green plumage with grey/white eye ring, barred chest patterns, and pale or reddish ear patch.

In terms of conservation status, out of the 25 species; 11 are of least concern, 6 are vulnerable, 3 are near threatened, and 5 are endangered.


SpeciesCommon NameStatus
Pyrrhura molinaeGreen-cheeked parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura cruentataOchre-marked parakeetVulnerable
Pyrrhura frontalisMaroon-bellied parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura devilleiBlaze-winged parakeetNear Threatened
Pyrrhura perlataCrimson-bellied parakeetVulnerable
Pyrrhura lepidaPearly parakeetVulnerable
Pyrrhura pictaPainted parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura emmaVenezuelan parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura amazonumSantarĂ©m (Hellmayr’s) parakeetEndangered
Pyrrhura snethlageaeMadeira parakeetVulnerable
Pyrrhura lucianiiBonaparte’s (Deville’s) parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura roseifronsRose-fronted parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura leucotisWhite-eared (maroon-faced) parakeetNear Threatened
Pyrrhura griseipectusGrey-breasted parakeetEndangered
Pyrrhura pfrimeriPfrimer’s parakeetEndangered
Pyrrhura egregiaFiery-shouldered parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura viridicataSanta Marta parakeetEndangered
Pyrrhura melanuraMaroon-tailed parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura orcesiEl Oro parakeetEndangered
Pyrrhura rupicolaBlack-capped (rock) parakeetNear Threatened
Pyrrhura albipectusWhite-necked parakeetVulnerable
Pyrrhura callipteraFlame-winged (brown-breasted) parakeetVulnerable
Pyrrhura hoematotisRed-eared parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura rhodocephalaRose-headed (rose-crowned) parakeetLeast Concern
Pyrrhura hoffmanniSulphur-winged parakeetLeast Concern


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