Month: January 2019

Gulch Countdown

Gulch Countdown

On January 5th 2019, Abram Elwell, Adam Braddock and the Japanese Gulch Runners hosted the first annual Gulch Countdown. The course is a 2.18 mile single-track trail with about 250’ of elevation gain which reversed direction with each completed lap. Additionally, after each loop, the time 

Mountain Loop Highway Hikes

Mountain Loop Highway Hikes

Apryle, Darwin, and I took the RV out to the Mountain Loop Highway within the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in the last weekend in July. We set up camp at the Perry Creek Mount Dickerman Trailhead and scanned the maps of the area. Apryle had 

2018 Statistics

2018 Statistics

Overall Totals

3692.47 miles

774394 vertical feet


Monthly Totals

Apryle and Zach on the Plains of Abraham 2018
MonthMilesVertical Feet



Weekly Totals

Week #DatesMilesTimeVertical Feet
1January 1 to January 674.049:03:073151.00
2January 7 to January 1391.1813:05:399524.00
3January 14 to January 2092.7114:08:3713143.00
4January 21 to January 2786.7611:35:373708.00
5January 28 to February 384.2511:39:285649.00
6February 4 to February 1067.859:42:4311772.00
7February 11 to February 1793.1214:45:4711568.00
8February 18 to February 2420.333:41:102481.00
9February 25 to March 365.0610:54:307964.00
10March 4 to March 1081.6112:53:1312234.00
11March 11 to March 1792.7314:50:0315621.00
12March 18 to March 2463.1610:05:096979.00
13March 25 to March 31102.6516:25:3216214.00
14April 1 to April 762.4910:14:429832.00
15April 8 to April 1482.8112:33:1716303.00
16April 15 to April 2135.385:31:074740.00
17April 22 to April 2855.069:31:4513025.00
18April 29 to May 565.019:35:046753.00
19May 6 to May 1269.8814:10:1413607.00
20May 13 to May 1970.7211:36:1712319.00
21May 20 to May 2669.9511:04:3614608.00
22May 27 to June 291.1616:38:5825463.00
23June 3 to June 987.8715:04:0819747.00
24June 10 to June 1674.3315:32:2821732.00
25June 17 to June 2268.7812:49:1321585.00
26June 23 to June 30129.2835:43:5238790.00
27July 1 to July 721.544:14:566595.00
28July 8 to July 1459.4911:58:1818883.00
29July 15 to July 2172.2814:25:3223661.00
30July 22 to July 2869.4515:31:4427063.00
31July 29 to August 484.6917:00:5127150.00
32August 5 to August 1160.2613:01:4821853.00
33August 12 to August 1888.8716:53:4323227.00
34August 19 to August 25115.9622:28:4034959.00
35August 26 to September 172.1915:00:4522615.00
36September 2 to September 858.9411:35:5712311.00
37September 9 to September 15131.6231:45:4625285.00
38September 16 to September 2241.4610:40:5211164.00
39September 23 September 2946.9112:24:1513316.00
40September 30 to October 638.687:24:507664.00
41October 7 to October 1357.0812:50:2513963.00
42October 14 to October 2068.1512:52:3920740.00
43October 21 to October 2774.5817:58:2921377.00
44October 28 to November 354.499:01:4110886.00
45November 4 to November 1060.8112:33:5614963.00
46November 11 to November 1763.209:46:3410782.00
47November 18 to November 2455.3811:03:4811834.00
48November 25 to December 155.1113:20:5114564.00
49December 2 to December 856.4510:38:499166.00
50December 9 to December 1559.436:42:104010.00
51December 16 to December 2266.879:23:137681.00
52December 23 to December 2961.9712:17:2815964.00
53December 30 to December 3118.442:53:524206.00


Other Totals

MilesVertical Feet


Race Stats

Black CanyonMayer, AZ100km10:15:0916
Lake SonomaHealdsburg, CA50mi7:55:5328
IssyIssaquah, WA100mi29:22:011
Run Rabbit RunSteamboat Springs, CO100mi27:58:5435
Grand RidgeIssaquah, WA50km4:33:542
Total5 Races325 miles80:05:5116.4



Anti Aircraft501,480ftIssaquah, Washington
Bald Mountain109,150ftSt Joseph NP, Idaho
Big Rock103,583ftSpokane, Washington
Boyd Mountain201,391ftHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
Burroughs Mountain107,828ftMount Rainier, Washington
Central Squak Peak2402,024ftIssaquah, Washington
Cle Elum Ridge105,678ftCle Elum, Washington
Constitution Peak102,398ftOrcas Island, Washington
De Leo Wall400,970ftIssaquah, Washington
Defiance Peak105,584ftNorth Bend, Washington
Earl Peak107,036ftCle Elum, Washington
East Rattlesnake503,481ftNorth Bend, Washington
East Tiger303,004ftIssaquah, Washington
Grand Ridge Peak101,352ftIssaquah, Washington
Harsin Butte105,538ftZumwalt Prairie, Oregon
Holders Knob101,138ftHobart, Washington
Hugo Peak101,790ftEaton, Washington
Kamiac Butte2203,641ftPullman, Washington
Kindall Katwalk105,400ftNorth Bend, Washington
Klahhane Ridge105,875ftPort Angeles, Washington
Klapatchie Point105,950ftMount Rainier NP, Washington
Latham Peak101,233ftKettle Moraine, Wisconsin
Little Annapurna108,440 ftLeavenworth, Washington
Little Si Peak201,575ftNorth Bend, Washington
Little Whiskey Dick Peak102,960ftVantage, Washington
Longview Peak201,600ftIssaquah, Washington
Mailbox Peak103,860ftNorth Bend, Washington
McClellan Butte105,161ftNorth Bend, Washington
Middle Tiger202,607ftIssaquah, Washington
Mineral Mountain105,970ftMary McCroskey SP, Idaho
Mount Dickerman105,723ftSilverton, Washington
Mount Erie101,273ftAnacortes, Washington
Mount Si204,167ftNorth Bend, Washington
Mount Teneriffe404,788ftNorth Bend, Washington
Mount Werner210,564ftSteamboat Springs, Colorado
Navajo Peak107,223ftCle Elum, Washington
Orcas Knob101,050ftOrcas Island, Washington
Paradise Point104,356ftMoscow, Idaho
Paradise Ridge503,704ftMoscow, Idaho
Perry Summit105,132ftSilverton, Washington
Pine Bluff102,260ftSpokane, Washington
Poo Poo Point602,021ftIssaquah, Washington
Potato Hill104,017ftDeary, Idaho
Puffer Butte104,500ftFields Spring SP, Washington
Radio Peak101,466ftIssaquah, Washington
SE Squak Peak601,673ftIssaquah, Washington
Second Summit101,335ftHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
South Tiger102,028ftIssaquah, Washington
Steptoe Butte103,612ftSteptoe, Washington
Striped Peak101,165ftSalt Creek CP, Washington
Sugarloaf Mountain100,890ftAnacortes, Washington
Three Trees Butte103,660ftSt Joseph NF, Idaho
Warren Ridge2401,520ftHells Gate SP, Idaho
West Rattlesnake403,481ftNorth Bend, Washington
West Squak Peak1901,995ftIssaquah, Washington
West Tiger 11702,948ftIssaquah, Washington
West Tiger 21802,757ftIssaquah, Washington
West Tiger 34002,522ftIssaquah, Washington
Wilderness Peak701,600ftIssaquah, Washington
Windy Pass104,925ftMt St Helens, Washington
Wright Mountain105,430ftSnoqualmie, Washington
Wrong Turn Peak106,273ftCle Elum, Washington



Ferruginous HawkWhite Tank Mountain, AZFebruary 18th2018
Cactus WrenWhite Tank Mountain, AZFebruary 18th2018
Curve Billed ThrasherWhite Tank Mountain, AZFebruary 18th2018
Northern MockingbirdEdison Park, Phoenix, AZFebruary 18th2018
VerdinWhite Tank Mountain, AZFebruary 18th2018
Burrowing OwlOthello, WAMarch 21st2018
Northern ShrikeColumbia National Wildlife RefugeMarch 21st2018
Red-Breasted SapsuckerLake Sammamish SP, WAApril 2nd2018
Townsend’s SolitaireMary Minerva McCroskey SP, IDApril 26th2018
Dusky FlycatcherTurnbull NWR, WAMay 2nd2018
Swainson’s HawkPullman, WAMay 3rd2018
Horned LarkZumwalt Prairie, ORMay 10th2018
Lark SparrowZumwalt Prairie, ORMay 10th2018
Gray PartridgeZumwalt Prairie, ORMay 10th2018
Sooty GrouseRattlesnake Ridge, WAMay 30th2018
Willow FlycatcherAlder Lake, WAJune 9th2018