A Tiffin Getaway

A Tiffin Getaway
Parents Southeast Yard

Less than twelve hours after returning from our mini-adventure to Oregon, Apryle and I were packing for a week back home with our families, a wedding and a twenty-four day excursion in Peru. On top of that, the very day that we would return from Peru, we needed to be ready to move out of our apartment in Shoreline and drive to our new home in Tonasket.

All of these major life moments were culminating in a matter of one month and we were both excited and stressed. We spent the entire day prioritizing, packing, and planning until it was finally time to depart to the SeaTac Airport. I went for one last run to Richmond Beach as a way of capping off our six-month stint in the city north of Seattle.

After a nine-month absence, I finally made the return visit back to my birthplace of Tiffin, Ohio. More importantly I would be seeing my family for the first time since December in Austin, Texas. I was excited about every aspect of the trip except for leaving Apryle who was bound for Harrisburg to visit with her family prior to the wedding. Our plan was to spend a week with our families then reunite at Raccoon Creek State Park, the geographical midpoint of our childhood homes and the destination of our wedding.

I arrived in Cleveland early in the morning and was greeted by my parents who came with a car full of snacks. We chatted the whole way home and reminisced about the old undergrad days and the drives up to Berea (I lived less than two miles from Hopkins International during college).

Home was how I remembered, beautiful green grass, impeccably groomed landscaping, meticulously precise masonry work, and a 32×16 swimming pool on the south side of the house. My parent’s dogs Sybil and Gidget ran out to greet us and I was feeling quite at home already.


The first order of business was to get in solid ten miler on my old standby route, County Road 16 to Township Road 151 to County Road 6 to County Road 19 and back to County Road 16. Dad hopped on the bike for the first time in about six months and joined me just like the old days. It felt good to be back on my home streets and after the run mom and I went for a cool down walk with the dogs. This was essentially the way my week visit back home was to play out for its duration.

Life was good, a nice break from the daily grind. I continued to run at my favorite spots, cool off in the pool, work around the yard and visit with friends and family. Dad and I ran/biked our Sandusky River Long Run Loop, making it the only long run route I have completed every year since starting my crazy obsession.

Mom and I walked at Garlo Nature Preserve and ran wedding errands. Dad and I took a walk up to the woods behind the house and cut up some fallen trees for the wedding centerpieces and mom and I worked on deserts for the wedding (well mostly mom).

I was able to run at my old practice track at Heidelberg College and at my dad’s kingdom, the Tiffin Stadium track. I did a tempo run at Hedges Boyer Park around the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival Course. I put in some loops at Forrest Nature Preserve; the best trail running Seneca County has to offer. Mom and I circumnavigated Garlo Preserve near Bloomville, which was a great adventure full of birding, trails, and dead carp.

Finally, the day before the wedding dad put together a mini bachelor party with two of my groomsmen Goose and Bowers. We relaxed by the bonfire and watched the Cavaliers in the NBA finals en route to winning the Championship (a dream realized).

It was a memorable visit home and though I was sad for it to end, I could not help but be excited about the wedding, the Peru trip and the move to our new home in Tonasket.

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