Birding in the Western Hemisphere

Birding in the Western Hemisphere

Since I was a child I have been interested in wildlife, but not until meeting Apryle was I ever the least bit interested in birding. However, after a summer of Snipe hunting, bird banding at the YMCA of the Rockies, and a move to the birding paradise of Texas I developed an interest. This year after watching The Big Year, my competitiveness further fueled the fire for my new hobby. Though I will never give up running in order to become a serious birder, I now have a new stat to collect each year. Birding has allowed me to better connect with the environment around me and pay closer attention to detail. I have collected several bird species over the last few years, below I have a pictorial list of birds ranging from Peru, Oregon, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, and Washington.

Bird Common NameLocationDay/MonthYear
American Crow826 House YardN/A2000
Blue Jay826 House YardN/A2000
Northern Cardinal826 House YardN/A2000
American Robin826 House YardN/A2000
Red-Winged Blackbird826 House YardN/A2000
Bald Eagle151 & Forrest NPN/A2000
Kestril151 WiresN/A2000
Red-Tailed HawkFields near 151N/A2000
Barred OwlRocky River ReservationN/A2000
Turkey VultureRoadside 16/151N/A2000
Mallard DuckSt Francis Avenue CreekN/A2000
Canada GooseFlying over 826 HouseN/A2000
Ring-Neck PheasantCrawford CountyN/A2000
Killdeer151 S Walking DogsN/A2000
Great Blue HeronVan Meter Creek Eden TownshipN/A2000
House Sparrow826 House YardN/A2000
Mourning Dove826 House YardN/A2000
Ruby Throated Hummingbird826 House YardN/A2000
Mute SwanMaumee Bay SPN/A2000
House Finch826 House YardN/A2000
American GoldfinchIndian Trail CampgroundN/A2000
Chipping Sparrow826 House YardN/A2000
Field Sparrow826 House YardN/A2000
American Tree Sparrow826 House YardN/A2000
RavenBeaver Meadows VC RMNPJanuary2013
Black-Billed MagpieBeaver Meadows VC RMNPJanuary2013
Pine SiskinYMCA of the Rockys Bird BandingJune2013
Western MeadowlarkHorse Tooth Ridge Fort CollinsApril2014
Clark’s NutcrackerTurquoise Lake LeadvilleAugust2013
Ruffed GrouseBlack Canyon Trail RMNPJuly2013
White-Tailed PtarmiganChasm Lake Trail RMNPMay2013
Northern GoshawkRMNPJune2013
OspreyMoraine Park RMNPJune2013
Wilson’s SnipeMoraine Park RMNPJune2013
Belted KingfisherMoraine Park RMNPJune2013
Stellar’s JayEndo Valley RMNPJune2013
Great Horned OwlEstes Park LibraryJuly2013
Mountain BluebirdNear Greenhouse RMNPJune2013
Northern FlickerMoraine Park RMNPJune2013
Spotted TowheeHorse Tooth Ridge Fort CollinsApril2014
Common NighthawkRMNPApril2013
Evening GrossbeakYMCA of the Rockys Bird BandingJune2013
Ruby-Crowned KingletGray’s Peak ClimbJune2013
Broad-Tailed HummingbirdRMNP ApartmentsJuly2013
Pygmy OwlAspen Grove near Mary’s LakeJuly2013
Snow GooseFlying over Ephrata, PANovember2014
Sandhill CraneUCF Campus Track Spring BreakFebruary2010
Muscovy DuckCoastal Carolina University SCMarch2012
Ring-Billed GullMyrtle Beach, SCMarch2012
Laughing GullMyrtle Beach, SCMarch2012
Crested CaracaraMcKinney Parkway Austin, TXSeptember2013
Golden EagleMcKinney Parkway Austin, TXSeptember2013
Peregrine FalconMontezuma Rd Columbus, TXAugust2015
Scissor-Tail FlycatcherMcKinney Parkway Austin, TXSeptember2013
Barn SwallowPort AransasMay2014
Cave SwallowGuadalupe NP, TXJuly2015
Mexican JayChisos Mountains Big Bend, TXNovember2013
Black VultureMcKinney Parkway Austin, TXSeptember2013
Roseate SpoonbillPaddling in Port Aransas, TXMay2014
American OystercatcherPadre Island National Seashore, TXOctober2013
Greater RoadrunnerUSA Austin, TXAugust2013
Brown PelicanPort Aransas, TXMay2013
Western Scrub JayLady Bird Wildflower Center Austin,TXN/A2014
White-Winged DoveTrelawney Lane House Austin,TXN/A2014
White IbisBrazoria NWRJuly2015
Yellow Bellied FlycatcherPadre Island National Seashore, TXOctober2013
Black Bellied Whistle DuckBrazoria NWRJuly2015
Great-Tailed GrackleHEB Parking Lot Austin, TXAugust2013
American GrackleHEB Parking Lot Austin, TXAugust2013
Royal TernBrazoria NWRJuly2015
Carolina WrenSan Bernard NWRJuly2015
Great EgretMcKinney Falls SPFebruary2014
Monk’s ParakeetRedrick Drive House Austin,TXNovember2013
Red Shouldered HawkColumbus, TXAugust2015
BuffleheadUnion Bay Seattle, WAJanuary2016
Wood DuckUnion Bay Seattle, WAJanuary2016
Double Crested CormorantUnion Bay Seattle, WAJanuary2016
Mew GullRichmond Beach WAApril2016
California QuailNespelem Bunkhouse WAMay 13th2016
Rock PigeonRichmond Beach WAApril2016
Downy WoodpeckerWhitmore Lookout NespelemMay2016
Black Capped ChickadeeSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
Brewer’s BlackbirdNeseplem BunkhouseMay2016
Dark-Eyed JuncoSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
American CootSun Lakes Dry Falls SPMay 14th2016
Western KingbirdNeseplem BunkhouseMay 13th2016
Eastern KingbirdNeseplem BunkhouseMay 13th2016
Bullock’s OrioleNeseplem BunkhouseMay 13th2016
White-Crowned SparrowSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
Song SparrowEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
European StarlingEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
Anna’s HummingbirdSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
Spotted SandpiperEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
Caspian TernSun Lakes Dry Falls SPMay 14th2016
Glaucous-Winged GullEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
Hooded MerganserUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
Pie-Billed GrebeUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
Cinnamon TealUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
GadwallUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
Savannah SparrowUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
California GullCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Bewick’s WrenCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Brandt’s CormorantCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Pigeon GuillemotCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Yellow WarblerCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
House Wren826 House YardMay 29th2016
Pacific LoonCape Arago OregonMay 27th2016
Tree SwallowTiffin, OhioMay 29th2016
Violet-Green SwallowCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Eastern Bluebird826 House YardMay 29th2016
Brown-Headed CowbirdGarlo Nature PreserveMay 31st2016
Baltimore Oriole826 House YardMay 29th2016
Purple MartinHedges Boyer Park Tiffin, OhioJune 1st2016
Mountain CaracaraCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Ruddy DuckCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Andean GooseCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Andean IbisCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Puna IbisNazca PeruJune2016
Lessor GoldfinchOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Cuzco Brush FinchMachu Picchu PeruJune2016
Ochre-naped FinchCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Fawn-Breasted TanagerOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Rufous-Collared SparrowOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Ferruginous Pygmy OwlOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Tawny-Crowned GreenletOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Vermillion FlycatcherNazca PeruJune2016
Stripe-Faced Wood QuailMachu Picchu PeruJune2016
Great GrebeVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Neotropic CormorantVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Snowy EgretVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Andean CondorCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Common MoorhenVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Giant HummingbirdThe Hoff PeruJune2016
Long-Tailed HermitOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
White-Bellied HummingbirdMachu Picchu PeruJune2016
Torrent DuckCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Striated HeronVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Black-Crowned Night HeronVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Inca TernMiraflores Lima PeruJune2016
Long-Tailed MockingbirdNazca PeruJune2016
Hooded SiskinOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Grayish SaltatorCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Many-Striped CanasteroCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Tit-Like DacnisCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Many-Colored Rush TyrantVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Bright-Rumped Yellow FinchCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Ash-Breasted Sierra FinchCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
White -Browned Ground TyrantCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Plain-Tailed Warbling FinchOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Cedar WaxwingPine Creek Road Tonasket, WAJuly 4th2016
Cassin’s FinchTonasket, WAJuly 5th2016
Mountain ChickadeeTonasket, WAJuly 5th2016
Varied ThrushSalmo-Priest Wilderness WAJuly 9th2016
Common LoonBeaver Lake WAAugust 5th2016
Western TanagerFish Lake WAJuly 16th2016
White-Breasted NuthatchLost Lake WAAugust 5th2016
American DipperSinlahekin WASeptember 5th2016
Common MerganserSalmon River WASeptember 16th2016
Yellow-Headed BlackbirdSidley LakeJuly2016
Lazuli BuntingSinlahekin WAJuly2016
Western BluebirdSinlahekin WAJuly2016
Spruce GrousePasayten Seven Pass Loop WAAugust2016
Northern HarrierSinlahekin WAJuly2016
Say’s PhoebeMcClauglin Canyon WAJuly2016
Cooper’s HawkTonasket Airport Road WASeptember2016
Hairy WoodpeckerLost Lake WAAugust 5th2016
Northern ShovelerUnion Bay Seattle, WAOctober 8th2016
Pileated WoodpeckerWhistler Canyon TrailOctober 14th2016


Yearly Totals
<2000 – 24
2010 – 1
2012 – 3
2013 – 31
2014 – 8
2015 – 7
2016 – 94
Total – 168


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