2011 Trip Out West Part 3

2011 Trip Out West Part 3
Bowers, Ski, and Craig on Mount Tam

As the pancakes were being digested, we traveled to the Monterey Peninsula and visited Pebble Beach. We were able to check out the Pebble Beach golf links, which is held as one of the most pristine golf courses in the world. I was also able to get in some sea level training to the tune of 10.65 miles in about 6 minute mile pace. We concluded our trip to Pebble Beach with a walk along the coast and one last dip in the Pacific Ocean. Our hosts in Novato were kind enough to allow us to stay with them two more nights as we finished up our trip, so we headed back toward the city by the bay. Upon arrival, we headed out to eat and as Bowers so eloquently stated, our ears were delighted by some live music. We were able to get a table right next to the band (the basest sat his drink on our table). The band was Fat Opie and they put on a great show with some excellent original songs.

August 16th marked the last day of our trip out west; we awoke to clean out two weeks of debris from our rental car. The compact Nissan Versa became our home for the trip; we slept in it, ate in it, and pushed it to the limit, covering over 3900 miles. After the car looked like new, Craig took it back to the rental place at the airport while Bowers and I strolled the Presidio to the point one last time. We all walked to Fort Mason and I ran another 10.25 miles trying to explore as much of the city as I could. On our way to the Bay Area Rapid Transit we walked to Pioneer Park (Coit Tower), China Town, Triangle Tower, and Lombard Street. We hopped on the red-eye flight back to Cleveland and reflected on our amazing journey. It was difficult for me to come down from such a high point in my life, something that I had wanted to experience for so many years. However, cross-country camp started a few days later and helped me readjust my mind state quickly.



August 2nd 1.5 13:34 in San Francisco (Up Hyde Street and around Golden Gate Park) 8.05 1:00:00 in Novato 9.55 miles

August 3rd 4.78 44:25 around Muir Woods 5.69 46:35 out and back on Golden Gate Bridge 7.70 1:04:47 up Mount Tamaulipas 18.17 miles

August 4th 7.01 56:39 along the coast of Pacific Ocean near Glass Beach 7.01 miles

August 5th 7.50 Redwood NP (Trillium Falls, Redwood Creek, Tall Trees Grove and Fern Canyon) 5.50 44:07 in Crescent City beach 13.00 miles

August 6th 3.00 up and down Upper Table Rock 7.60 1:03:37 in Crater Lake NP (up and down Garfield Peak) 10.60 miles

August 7th 5.00 up and down Mount Scott 2.00 out and back to Plainki Falls 2.20 out and back to Cleetwood Cove 1.00 in Burns 1.20 in Meredian 5.02 38:15 in Boise (along Boise River Green Belt) 16.42 miles

August 8th 10.85 1:22:46 out and back to Heavens Gate Lookout in Hells Canyon 10.85 miles

August 9th 10.20 1:30:06 out and back up Millcreek Canyon near Salt Lake City 10.20 miles

August 10th 11.21 1:31:06 out and back up Millcreek Canyon near Salt Lake City 1.40 out and back up Rattle Snake Gulch 12.61 miles

August 11th 18.23 2:31:44 along the south shore of Lake Tahoe 3.18 26:39 near Truckee Marsh 21.41 miles

August 12th 10.01 1:21:46 from Emerald Bay to Rubicon Bay and back 2.00 hiking near Emerald Bay 12.01 miles

August 13th 15.80 Yosemite NP (from Glacier Point to valley, Lower Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, valley to Glacier Point) 15.80 miles

August 14th 5.01 38:59 in Mammoth Lakes 7.60 up and down Upper Yosemite Falls 3.56 28:11 in Yosemite Valley 3.00 hike Mariposa Grove 3.01 24:56 Mariposa Grove 22.18 miles

August 15th 10.65 1:04:47 in Pebble Beach 10.65 miles

August 16th 10.25 1:22:27 in San Francisco 10.25 miles

August 17th 8.74 56:04 back in Tiffin 8.74 miles


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