Zach Szablewski

I’m an ultra-runner, Physical Therapist, race director, and blog writer. I began running in the winter of 2005 and have logged over 50,000 miles since. I started my blog, Harriers to Chadron in September 2013 and enjoy recalling my adventures through words and photographs. I live and train in Issaquah, Washington – just south east of Seattle – with the trails of Tiger Mountain, Squak Mountain, and Cougar Mountain, out my backdoor. I’ve enjoyed running in my home state of Ohio, my wife’s home state of Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Washington, and many beautiful places in between. My wife is a wildlife biologist and we love all wild things.

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I am a phD student at the University of Washington studying deer/plant interactions in Eastern Washington. I have my masters from Colorado State University and bachelors from University of Pittsburgh. I administer Avian and Exotic Pet Care which provides specialized boarding for reptiles, pocket pets, and small birds. I design all-natural parrot toys for parrotJOY. I enjoy climbing, hiking, paddling, running, and hanging out with my parrots. I have paddled the 1000+ mile Inside Passage from Washington to Alaska and hiked the entirety of the 486 mile Colorado Trail.

Darwin Craig-Szablewski

I am a stay-at-home Green Cheek Conure. I joined Apryle and Zach in June of 2017 and enjoy perching on mommy’s shoulder, creating nests under the couch, destroying foraging toys, eating peas and going for long walks in my carrier. I hope to use my harness starting this spring so that I can join mommy and daddy on their long runs and hikes. I am testing out my first set of flight feathers this year, because unfortunately throughout most of my life they have been clipped. I hope to see everyone on course on September 28th for the inaugural Whistler Canyon 50, you will begin on my call.

Bella Craig-Szablewski

I am a ten year old Blue Headed Pionus Parrot and I joined the family in May 2019. I was a former resident of All Parrot Rescue in Graham, Washington. I enjoy perching on daddy’s shoulder and my favorite foods are bananas, peas, kamut, and papaya. I am settling in well, but I am still quite afraid of going for walks in my carrier and I generally prefer to enjoy the outdoors from the safety of a perch by the window.

Banjo Craig-Szablewksi

I am a 3 year old Budgerigar Parakeet and I joined the family in February of 2017 and since that point I have traveled across the state of Washington and have even taken two 3000+ mile road trips. I enjoy flying around the house and singing to inanimate objects.

Cypress Craig-Szablewski

I am a 2 year old Budgerigar Parakeet and I joined the family in July of 2018. I also enjoy flying around the house I make a concerted effort to be the loudest in the house.

Ishmael Craig-Szablewski

I am a 2 year old Budgerigar Parakeet and I joined the family in July of 2018. I also enjoy flying around the house I though I enjoy interacting with my brothers, I also like my alone time.

Cooper Craig-Szablewski

I am a Ring-necked Dove from Flying Colors Aviary and I joined the family in January of 2020. I was attacked by a crow back in 2019 and lost most of my toes and my left eye. Because of my injuries I had a difficult time interacting with my flock at the aviary, so I decided to retire to a nice warm house instead. I still enjoy flying and also love trying new foods.