Summer Training 2013 Part 1

Summer Training 2013 Part 1
Chasm Lake

In June I started working 10-hour days four times per week as opposed to the traditional five 8-hour days. Basically this meant that I needed to overload my weekend mileage so that I could take it easier on the workdays. As the weather warmed and the snow started melting I did some runs to the lakes around Bear Lake but realized that this was a horrible place to train. The views were awesome, but the trails were heavily traveled as well.

On June 2nd I did my first fourteener of 2013, Grays Peak just outside of Georgetown. This hike is traditionally extremely easy, but the deep snow made it a little more interesting. Apryle and I trudged up creating some new postholes in the snow and I ran the last quarter mile to the summit. I also witnessed my first avalanche, which occurred on one of the couloirs of Torreys Peak. In addition to my first avalanche I caught a glimpse of the first Mountain Goat I had ever seen. Somewhat to my dismay considering that Mountain Goats are an invasive species in the Colorado portion of the Rockies.

On the 8th Craig and I did a hike run to Chasm Lake. There was a spectacular view of Longs from the lake and it was well worth the traverse of the large snowfield. Although, I am not certain Craig would agreeā€¦

On the 16th I ran my first marathon since 2011. I knew that I would not be able to match my 2:39 effort from the Cleveland Marathon simply because I had done very little speed work and I did a long hike the day before. Also because Estes Park is about 7000 feet higher than Cleveland, but I was happy with the way the race unfolded. I held the lead from about mile 5 to mile 11, and only lost two spots to the finish. I met up with one of my coworkers, Cyrus Van Haitsma, who I oddly enough, ran against in college. He ran with me from mile 9 to mile 23, which broke up the monotony of road running. I ended up finishing 3rd in 3:10; which I could live with considering the race was a bit of a last minute addition to my schedule.

To close out the month I really hit it hard in terms of peak hunting. Apryle and I summited Mount Audubon in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and then hiked Hope Pass the next day. The following weekend I ran a Flat Top and Hallet out and back in a solid pace. Then followed that up with a Mount Ida Chief Cheley Peak scramble the next day. The alpine trail leading to Ida provided amazing views of the west side of the park and ample Big Horn Sheep sightings. However, with a thunderstorm on the horizon, Apryle and I headed back home, while Andrea and Cyrus tried there luck with the weather.

May 26 to June 191.52
June 2 to June 889.54Grays Peak with Apryle (2nd). Black Lake and Eagle Cliff (7th). Chasm Lake with Craig (8th)
June 9 ot June 1562.81Track Workout with Craig (13th). Bierstadt, Bear, Emerald, and Tyndall with Apryle (15th)
June 16 to June 22102.83Estes Park Marathon 3:10 (16th). Track Workout (20th). Mount Audubon with Apryle (21st)
June 23 to June 2990.7Hope Pass with Apryle (23rd). Hallet and Flat Top (28th). Ida and Chief Cheley (24th)
June 30 to July 6105.31Bike to AVC with John Mack via Old Fall River Road (30th)


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