Birthday, Bonsai, and Beaches

Birthday, Bonsai, and Beaches

A Post and Photographic Journey by Apryle Craig

This weekend, Zach and I set out for an easy 8-mile run out our back door on Cougar Mountain. It was a nice morning and the miles rolled off easily and quickly found ourselves 10 miles in. So, for the third weekend in a row, I hit double digits. After cleaning off the mud, we headed to Federal Way to the Rhododendron Gardens for my birthday. We were surprised to also find a Bonsai Museum at the Rhododendron Garden. Zach and I have always been kind of intrigued by small plants and some of the miniature trees were really cool. That said, I didn’t like how the wires were bent around the stems of the plants, making them conform to a human’s will. The rhododendrons were beautiful and we had a fun visit.

On Sunday, we went up to Deception Pass and went for a 7 mile run along the beach. It was very windy and I had forgotten how challenging it is to run on the rocky beach. After Zach knocked out a few extra miles, we at salads and watched the waves roll in then went on a little interpretive loop walk.

A fantastic birthday with a fantastic husband!

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