2016 Review

2016 Review
Ilaca Lake Hike

This post highlights the statistics of 2016; not necessarily the most riveting read, but if you are into numbers you might find it interesting. I have included my main areas of record keeping – running mileage, time, and vertical gain. Furthermore these stats are compared to my previous 11 years of record keeping. Additionally, I added race statistics, peak bagging numbers, and my (little) Big Year birding total. Enjoy…

Miles= A total of 3662.72 miles running

This year ranks number 5 out of 12 for most miles in a year; the highest year remains 2013 with 4,409.37 miles.

The longest individual run of the year was the Idaho Mountain Ultra Trail Festival 100 miler, which was actually more like 103 miles.

Time= 772 hours 07 minutes and 04 seconds spent running.

I believe that my time-spent running/hiking equates to 9% of the year.

Vertical Feet = 448,044 feet.

Considering this is the first year I have kept track of this metric, I will assume it is the highest of my lifetime.

My cross training was lacking with about 104.9 miles of biking, 1000 meters of swimming and 5 miles of kayaking.

Monthly Stats

MonthMilesTime Vertical GainRank All Time

Race Stats

Bridle Trails50,000m3:25:001
Fort Ebey26.25 miles3:28:311
Gorge Waterfalls100,000m10:14:117
Cougar Mountain26.25 miles3:52:361
IMTUF100 miles27:15:0120
Bill’s Badass50,000m4:28:141

A total of 6 races for 278 miles. Two trail marathons, two trail 50Ks, one 100K, and 100 mile race. Four wins in the shorter trail races and two blow ups in the longer distance races.

Peak Bagging

Mountains/PassesLocationElevationTotal Summits
Rondoy PuntaPocpa, Ancash, Peru15,584ft1
Sambuya PuntaPocpa, Ancash, Peru15,551ft1
Pampa LlamacLlamac, Ancash, Peru14,108ft1
Macrash PuntaPocpa, Ancash, Peru14,016ft1
Bear Pete RidgeMcCall, ID08,280ft1
Diamond RidgeMcCall, ID08,000ft1
Wallaby PeakMazama, WA07,995ft1
Mount FrostyManning, BC, Canada07,949ft1
Crestline PassMcCall, ID07,890ft1
Snowslide SummitMcCall, ID07,875ft1
North CrestlineMcCall, ID07,440ft1
Slate PeakMazama, WA07,440ft1
Fall Creek SummitMcCall, ID07,350ft1
Mount BonaparteTonasket, WA07,257ft2
Duck Lake PassMcCall, ID07,100ft1
Rock MountainLeavenworth, WA06,852ft1
Lick Creek SummitMcCall, ID06,850ft1
Mount KobauOliver, BC, Canada06,117ft1
Thorpe MountainSalmon La Sac, WA05,854ft1
Fir MountainWauconda, WA05,674ft1
Mount BannonTonasket, WA05,017ft1
Strawberry MountainOroville, WA04,743ft1
Mount SiNorth Bend, WA04,167ft1
Whitemore MountainNespelem, WA03,920ft1
Rattlesnake MountainNorth Bend, WA03,527ft1
Ka’au CraterHonolulu, HI02,375ft1
Steamboat RockElectric City, WA02,250ft2
Cactus MountainOroville, WA02,000ft20
Ninemile MounainOroville, WA01,884ft1
Wilderness PeakIssaquah, WA01,600ft1
Mount ErieAnacortes, WA01,273ft1
Koko Head CraterHonolulu, HI01,208ft1
Little Round TopAnacortes, WA00,926ft1
Sugar LoafAnacortes, WA00,890ft1
Diamond Head CraterHonolulu, HI00,571ft1
Goose RockDeception Pass, WA00,484ft1

There are a total of 36 peaks, passes, summits, and prominences that I remembered. The list represents three states and two provinces spanning three countries. The vantage points range from buttes to craters to summits to mountain passes. This list of peaks adds to my lifetime list of 92 and includes some one time hikes and also some daily hill repeats.

Birds= 130 new species bringing the life list to 204.

BuffleheadUnion Bay Seattle, WAJanuary2016
Wood DuckUnion Bay Seattle, WAJanuary2016
Double Crested CormorantUnion Bay Seattle, WAJanuary2016
Mew GullRichmond Beach WAApril2016
California QuailNespelem Bunkhouse WAMay 13th2016
Rock PigeonRichmond Beach WAApril2016
Downy WoodpeckerWhitmore Lookout NespelemMay2016
Black Capped ChickadeeSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
Brewer’s BlackbirdNeseplem BunkhouseMay2016
Dark-Eyed JuncoSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
American CootSun Lakes Dry Falls SPMay 14th2016
Western KingbirdNeseplem BunkhouseMay 13th2016
Eastern KingbirdNeseplem BunkhouseMay 13th2016
Bullock’s OrioleNeseplem BunkhouseMay 13th2016
White-Crowned SparrowSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
Song SparrowEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
European StarlingEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
Anna’s HummingbirdSky Nursery Shoreline, WAApril2016
Spotted SandpiperEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
Caspian TernSun Lakes Dry Falls SPMay 14th2016
Glaucous-Winged GullEdmonds Marsh WAApril2016
Hooded MerganserUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
Pie-Billed GrebeUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
Cinnamon TealUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
GadwallUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
Savannah SparrowUnion Bay Seattle, WAMay 20th2016
California GullCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Bewick’s WrenCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Brandt’s CormorantCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Pigeon GuillemotCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Yellow WarblerCape Arago OregonMay 26th2016
House Wren826 House YardMay 29th2016
Pacific LoonCape Arago OregonMay 27th2016
Tree SwallowTiffin, OhioMay 29th2016
Violet-Green SwallowCape Falcon OregonMay 26th2016
Eastern Bluebird826 House YardMay 29th2016
Brown-Headed CowbirdGarlo Nature PreserveMay 31st2016
Baltimore Oriole826 House YardMay 29th2016
Purple MartinHedges Boyer Park Tiffin, OhioJune 1st2016
Mountain CaracaraCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Ruddy DuckCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Andean GooseCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Andean IbisCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Puna IbisNazca PeruJune2016
Lessor GoldfinchOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Cuzco Brush FinchMachu Picchu PeruJune2016
Ochre-naped FinchCordillera Hauyhuash PeruJune2016
Fawn-Breasted TanagerOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Rufous-Collared SparrowOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Ferruginous Pygmy OwlOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Tawny-Crowned GreenletOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Vermillion FlycatcherNazca PeruJune2016
Stripe-Faced Wood QuailMachu Picchu PeruJune2016
Great GrebeVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Neotropic CormorantVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Snowy EgretVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Andean CondorCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Common MoorhenVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Giant HummingbirdThe Hoff PeruJune2016
Long-Tailed HermitOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
White-Bellied HummingbirdMachu Picchu PeruJune2016
Torrent DuckCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Striated HeronVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Black-Crowned Night HeronVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Inca TernMiraflores Lima PeruJune2016
Long-Tailed MockingbirdNazca PeruJune2016
Hooded SiskinOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Grayish SaltatorCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Many-Striped CanasteroCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Tit-Like DacnisCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Many-Colored Rush TyrantVilla Marshes Lima PeruJune2016
Bright-Rumped Yellow FinchCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Ash-Breasted Sierra FinchCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
White -Browned Ground TyrantCordillera Blanca PeruJune2016
Plain-Tailed Warbling FinchOllantaytambo PeruJune2016
Cedar WaxwingPine Creek Road Tonasket, WAJuly 4th2016
Cassin’s FinchTonasket, WAJuly 5th2016
Mountain ChickadeeTonasket, WAJuly 5th2016
Varied ThrushSalmo-Priest Wilderness WAJuly 9th2016
Common LoonBeaver Lake WAAugust 5th2016
Western TanagerFish Lake WAJuly 16th2016
White-Breasted NuthatchLost Lake WAAugust 5th2016
American DipperSinlahekin WASeptember 5th2016
Common MerganserSalmon River WASeptember 16th2016
Yellow-Headed BlackbirdSidley LakeJuly2016
Lazuli BuntingSinlahekin WAJuly2016
Western BluebirdSinlahekin WAJuly2016
Spruce GrousePasayten Seven Pass Loop WAAugust2016
Northern HarrierSinlahekin WAJuly2016
Say’s PhoebeMcClauglin Canyon WAJuly2016
Cooper’s HawkTonasket Airport Road WASeptember2016
Hairy WoodpeckerLost Lake WAAugust 5th2016
Northern ShovelerUnion Bay Seattle, WAOctober 8th2016
Pileated WoodpeckerWhistler Canyon TrailOctober 14th2016
Western Wood-PeweeWhistler Canyon TrailJuly 19th2016
ChukarMcClauglin Canyon WAAugust 7th2016
Hawaiian DuckJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Pacific Golden-PloverHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Red JunglefowlHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Cattle EgretHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Rose-ringed ParakeetHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Spotted DoveHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Zebra DoveHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Red-Vented BulbulHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Common MynaHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Red-Crested CardinalHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Common WaxbillHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Java SparrowHonolulu, HINovember 2nd2016
Gray FrancolinHawaiiNovember 5th2016
Great FrigatebirdHanauma Bay, HINovember 4th2016
Hawiian CootJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Hawiian MoorhenJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Black-Necked StiltJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Bristle-Thighed CurlewJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Long-Billed DowitcherJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Ruddy TurnstoneJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
SanderlingJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Wandering TattlerJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Sharp-Tailed SandpiperJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Northern PintailJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
Cackling GooseJames Campbell WLR, HINovember 5th2016
White TernWaikiki Beach, HINovember 7th2016
Western GrebeWenatchee, WANovember 12th2016
Tufted TitmousePokagon SP, INNovember 20th2016
Red-Bellied WoodpeckerPokagon SP, INNovember 20th2016
Common RedpollPokagon SP, INNovember 20th2016
Barn OwlOhio Bird Sanctuary, OHNovember 27th2016
Rough-Legged HawkOhio Bird Sanctuary, OHNovember 27th2016
Eastern Screech OwlOhio Bird Sanctuary, OHNovember 27th2016
American Black DuckToledo, OhioNovember2016
Birding at James Campbell WLR (Black-Necked Stilt)

The year 2016 was quite a year, and though I chose to summarize the year in stats in this post, they fall short of capturing all the life changing memories. The highlights are included among the 33 posts that I dispensed this year. If you have some time to kill and would like to get some ideas for trips and adventures for 2017, feel free to give them a look. Thanks for reading and I wish you a fun and productive 2017!


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