Joining the WSU Raptor Club

As I was looking through the program for the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival, I saw a presentation by the WSU Raptor Club. I looked up the organization and saw that they accept volunteers from the community. Zach and I immediately contacted them and started to get involved. Their focus is raptor rehabilitation, release (when possible), and education. We are now working with the small “level 1” raptors once a week, preparing them (and us!) for the handling and exposure to crowds that’s involved with educational presentations. Here we are during our second handling session. Zach has Sawyer, a female Saw-whet owl and I have Everett, an American kestrel.

WSU Raptor Club

The goal of the WSU Raptor club is to promote wildlife conservation through the use of non-releasable raptors as living representatives in public environmental education programs. Special permits for non-releasable injured raptors allow the Raptor Club to take these birds to a great variety of audiences such as schools, service organizations, fairs, summer camps etc., for educational purposes.