DIY Parrot Backpack Carrier

Taking your parrot outside is an enriching experience for you and your bird and can I think it can increase the bond between you and your parrot. I believe that the parrot will form a stronger bond with its people if it learns that the person is the constant. Let me explain… if a parrot is kept in its cage all of the time with the same toys, it can become cage territorial.

How to build a backpack carrier for a parrot
Darwin on a walk in his home-made parrot backpack!

The bird can become extremely used to the routine sights and sounds and be fearful of new experiences, and defend his reliable environment. Changing out the toys in the cage is one way to keep the parrot flexible. He starts to learn that YOU are the thing he can rely on and the rest is just… the rest! He associates you with safety and comfort. So, taking your bird outside is a great trust-building exercise with a parrot. Of course, you want to keep the bird safe from predators/cars/etc. so that going outside is a great experience and he is happy to go again.

One option is free-flight. As much as we would love to free-flight our little conure, we just don’t feel it’s safe. We also wanted to get him outside prior to completing harness training. So, we looked into parrot backpack carriers, but weren’t able to spend over $100 on a parrot backpack carrier. So, we got this dog carrier on Amazon and used some PVC pipe to create a perch. The directions on how to make an inexpensive backpack for a conure are in the images. You could make the perch shorter to create a little more head room for your bird, but this backpack is not large enough for any bird bigger than a conure. Green cheek conures like our little Darwin are smaller than sun conures. Cockatiels, Jendays, and Suns could work.

The backpack we bought zips from the top and bottom with a permanent piece horizontal across the middle. I can’t remember my rationale at this point, but I thought it would be convenient to be able to unzip the top half or the bottom half only.¬†After using it for 6 months, I would recommend building this with a backpack with a single large zipper like the one at this link. I think the full zipper front would make it easier to get the bird in and out more comfortably (less awkwardly) and the PVC perch in and out of the backpack much easier for cleaning.



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