Birthday Cake for a Conure!

birthday cake for parrots
Darwin enjoying his birthday cake, made with parrot-friendly ingredients.

Our green cheeked conure, Darwin, turned 5 years old this week (March 8th, to be specific)! Happy bird-day, Darwin!! Our little spring chick doesn’t look a day over 4. We are his second set of parronts and this is the first hatch-day we’ve celebrated with him.

For his birthday, I baked a homemade birdie birthday cake for parrots. I wanted Darwin’s treat to look like a real birthday cake or cupcake but be made with healthy ingredients for birds. I looked at recipes for birdie bread and figured I could bake it in a mini muffin tin to look like a cupcake. Also, Darwin and our parakeets don’t usually eat pellets so this is an attempt to get them to eat some hidden pellets. This is a birdie birthday cake with frosting and sprinkles that are completely fine for birds to eat! Salt-free, sugar-free birdie birthday cake.

These ingredients were my first try and it came out fantastic! I am also thinking about trying something like a zucchini bread to get more veggies into our birds’ diets. The amounts of each do not need to be measured exactly. Note: This birdie bread does not contain salt or processed sugar (only sugar from fruits)!

Birdie birthday cake recipe with frosting and sprinkles
Birdie birthday cake with frosting and sprinkles.

Recipe for healthy birdie birthday cake for parrots with mashed banana “frosting” and seed “sprinkles”: 

Makes 1 muffin tin of birdie birthday cake. One for the special bird, one to share with his friends, and a few to store in the fridge or freezer.

  1. Whole wheat flour, 1/8 cup
  2. Crushed pellets, 1/4 cup
  3. Cinnamon or ginger, dash (optional)
  4. Boiled pears and strawberries, mashed into almost liquid (or applesauce, blended carrot, grapes – anything naturally sweet) – add until consistency desired.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients. Spray muffin tin lightly with cooking spray. Spoon into mini muffin tin. Bake 10-12 minutes.

Frosting: Mashed banana

Sprinkles: seeds or pellets

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